Earbudme is my patent pending innovative and safer method to hear or listen to sound.  

I have always made an extra effort to use a wired earbud with my Android or when I had an Apple cell phone many years ago. 

Wired earbuds emit a vibrating wave impulse going into your brain where your brain recognizes it as sound. Radio Frequency Waves or electromagnetic emissions on long calls, being on hold or listening to music, videos or movies can cause wired non-ionizing radiation exposure over a long periods of time which could posssibly be harmful.

Why take that chance?  Below are some earbud news headlines.

01/28/2022 Do Wireless Earbuds Harm Your Brain? A Brain Cancer Doctor Sounds Off

10/05/2021 In France, Apple must return to include headphones in the packaging of the iPhone.

06/15/2021 How-headphones-earbuds-can-slowly-harm-your-hearing-over-time

12/10/2020 Stimulating-ear-buds-rheumatoid-arthritis

12/01/2020  Bluetooth-radiation-dangerous-cell-phone-radiation

??/??/2020  Cancer-causes/radiation-exposure/radiofrequency-radiation

11/06/2019  Bluetooth-vs-wired-headphones-radiation.

03/24/2019  Are-wireless-headphones-dangerous

My patent pending Earbudme prototype is available for viewing however not for everyone at once.  Patent specifications explain how to use Earbudme with Apple or Android cell phones or other electronic device using a 3.5 TRRS or TRS like audio jack.  Claims could prove to be very intuitive some day.

02/27/2022 Made another small change to my patent pending Earbudme and ended up making 3 simple changes.  I cannot believe how much it improved Earbudme.  Very happy.

11/13/2021 - There is another way to do it and it works.

07/14/2021 - Tedium article written by Ernie Smith about true meaning of being creative.

05/26/2021 - I made a very small change to Earbudme.  It works and I like it.

Email me, info@earbudme.com to ask a question or if you want to be added to list to view prototype at same date and time as others on list.

Enjoy your day.

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